Monday, July 8, 2013

Red Geraniums

Red Geraniums  6x6  oil on museum board

I loved painting outdoors in this beautiful French courtyard,
filled with wonderful flowers
warm memories,
and occasionally some sunshine:)


  1. I can see how good a teacher Dreama is in this one. Warm/cools vibrate in this beautiful setting.
    Thanks for the reply to my question on the different teaching styles. Ovanis did only two demos in a week. Both in the evening starting at 8pm and they would go on well after midnight and we still had to drive back 20 mins to the motel. He stressed warm/cool - just like Dreama so I can see where they would be compatible. I get the feeling, looking at this beautiful painting, that her more organized way produced more concrete results.

  2. They are both really great teachers. I'm fortunate to have worked with both of them:)