Friday, July 5, 2013

Inner Courtyard

Inner Courtyard 6x6 oil on museum board
Doesn't this look like a cozy spot where we can sit
and share our secret hopes and dreams?
That's just what happened here in the inner courtyard to
Le Vieux Couvent in France,
a truly magical place!
This is one of the paintings I completed during my stay there while
attending the workshop given by Dreama Tolle Perry.
This wasn't the only treasure I brought home, I am
fully stocked with wonderful memories shared with other fellow artists.
On Top of That:
I was lucky enough to buy one of Dreama's demos she did for us.
I spoke up to buy the demo and a second later another lady said she
wanted it as well. Personally I wanted to arm wrestle for it as I felt I would
have a distinct advantage, but for the sake of fair play and sportsmanship
I offered a coin toss.
Ron, Dreama's hubby, oversaw the toss and guess what?

Photo of Dreama and Me with Treasure:

P.S.- I learned that it's easy to be nice when you win;)


  1. Yay for YOU! I always thought it was 'first one asking' who got to buy the painting! Although I was in a workshop once where there was a raffle - everyone who wanted to buy a pointing put their name in a hat...

    What a wonderful moment. so glad you had a good time!

  2. Two pretty ladies - love the painting. Glad you got Dreamas. So I have to ask. You did two more or less back to back workshops - did you find the information and learning experience the same?

  3. Thanks Julie. LOL, you make me laugh because the two experiences couldn't have been more different! Dreama is very organized and scheduled and did a wonderful job making sure everybody got what they came for. Ovanes, not so much, he's much more- I guess the word is spontaneous;)But also a fabulous teacher. So both were wonderful in different ways and really went hand in hand for me since both start with transparent washes and both are colorists. So for me, it was an opportunity to continue working on the things I've started to do and integrate them more fully into my painting. There was nothing to worry about but painting. They keep us well fed, very well fed, it was such a luxury!

  4. What a lovely story. Your experience sounds wonderful.