Friday, July 12, 2013

Pruning Ladder

Pruning Ladder 5x7 oil on museum board

I really enjoyed painting the afternoon light in this piece.
This is another of the plein air paintings done in France.

I'm still giving away a couple of French watercolor postcards each Friday in July.
So if you'd like to join the fun you can email me
your name and address here:
and I'll put your name in the paint can.

Winners this week are:
Motti Shoval
Sumie Shibata



  1. OHMYGOODNESS this is lovely! And how did I not know about the giveaway! sending my name in now!

  2. Bruce, what I love to see is what you took away from the workshop blended in with your own beautiful style.... :D

    1. Thanks so much Kelley, it's a process and it just takes alot of painting time to integrate things:)

  3. This is gorgeous, Bruce. Loose with stunning color. I can see this taken to a larger size.