Wednesday, July 3, 2013

French Postcard Winners

         Drum roll.............
And the first eight winners are:

Bev Sessoms
Cloe Mifsud
Rick Harder
Susan Denison
Kelley MacDonald
Donna Vacca
Nancy Standlee
Anne Philpott

If you are not on this list don't panic! I hate to disappoint anyone so I've decided to extend the
postcard give-away until the end of July. All you need to do is:
send me your name and address to :
 I'll add your name to the paint can for the drawing.

Then follow my blog by putting your email in the 
'follow by email' box on the right hand side of my blog @
I hope to announce a couple more winners every Friday
starting next week, so it's not to late to join the fun.

I found the watercolors fun to do and since
I took 1400 pictures while I was there,
I have lots of reference photos:)

It's fun to use these studies as a warm up to a  painting
and to relive the memories in my studio when
I work from a photo as an idea for an oil painting.

Although I only managed eight watercolor postcards I did
complete nine small oil paintings.
I'll be posting these soon and talking about what I've picked up from
my recent workshops.

Thanks so much for following along:)))))


  1. What a blast y'all must have had! Love seeing all the posts and sounds like an amazing group! Lucky!! Yay!

  2. Thanks will watch my mailbox & look forward to all the paintings u will produce

    1. Thanks Nancy, it will be there in about ten days!