Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Double, double, toil and trouble....

Happy Hour  9 x 12 sold

The genie has popped out of the bottle and she's not gonna fit back in.

Secretly in my hidden French laboratory, I've been working on a magic potion to enhance
creative powers.  I've experimented with many different ideas and had some recent successes with a particular formula I'd like to share with you:

two parts your favorite beverage
one part violet liqueur
stir with magic = delight!

It's best if your favorite beverage is light and clear, even bubbly.
But it's the violet liqueur from Alzace that turns it into a wonderful
purple concoction.
It is widely known:
Most everything with a splash of lavender is downright delightful.
Works like a charm!


  1. What a wonderful painting to come back in with. fabulous value and color control.
    Lavender eh - will try it

  2. Thanks so much Julie. Just a word of warning, the ratio of the drink might be a little heavy on the lavender, a little goes a long way! Got to find the right balance for your taste, just like painting! I appreciate you commenting!