Wednesday, April 25, 2018

PACE18 Demos

Part of the fun of being at PACE18 
is seeing all the great demos.
My favorite this year was Kevin McPherson.

This is his beginning, middle and end.

He painted this really complex scene from a water color
he had done in Italy.
I really related to the way he mixes his color.  He uses the
same value for as long as he needs to and bends the
different colors to a warm or cool bias on his palette.

I was relieved that he doesn't make separate piles
of each color and leave them because
frankly I'm just not that tidy and that technique never seems
to work for me.

Of course he made the whole thing look really easy!

Paint the Town Marble Falls
Cuba, Faded Beauty
Solo Show at South Street Art Gallery, Easton. MD
May 1, 2018- May 27th, 2018

Thanks for following along!


  1. Thanks for sharing these WIP of Kevins. Takes a heck of a lot to get up on stage and demo something as complex as this.
    I enjoyed seeing your Cuba pictures. Fabulous!!i would love to see you demo.

    1. Thanks Julie. Kevin was really funny and entertaining besides making it all look easy. We went painting afterward and tried to utilize his technique, not as effectively as I had hoped;)))