Tuesday, April 24, 2018

PACE18 with Bruce Bingham


Too much fun? No such thing.
Nobody can accuse us of not having enough fun.
left to right:
Shelby Keefe, Brenda Boylan, Nancy Tankersley, Moi, and Jeanne Reavis.

I had so much more fun than last year when I ended up in the La Jolla hospital with a pinched nerve in my back.  What a drag.  This year I came away with tons of inspiration and some
new techniques. YAY!

The first morning we were there we found a spot to paint along a road not far from the hotel.

It was a little windy as you can see by the flags  on the right below
below but nothing like later in the week.

I'll break this up into a few more posts so it won't get too long.

Paint the Town Marble Falls
Cuba, Faded Beauty
Solo Show at South Street Art Gallery, Easton. MD
May 1, 2018- May 27th, 2018

Thanks for following along!


  1. Great pics. Good to see the fun and friendship.
    Look forward to seeing more.
    Hope you got to Ghost Ranch.

    1. Hi Julie, I hate to tell you but I passed on Ghost Ranch. It was pretty far away and I'd been there before and we fell in love with the little town of Chimayo so we went back there and then into Sante Fe. Great day.