Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Canadian Rockies

Out of all my travels I’ve never been to Canada!  So I was very excited to sign up for Fall Color Week put on by Plein Air Magazine.  We all met at Kananaskis Lodge to paint the fall color and ended up with a bonus- snow!

The snow fall came early this year and the combo of color and snow was spectacular.

This is my first ever plein air snow painting!!!

Snow Fall

It’s hard to describe how majestic and imposing the Canadian Rockies are!
I’ll break this up into a few postings.

Did I mention the wildlife?

Artist's Tip:  For my fair weather friends, if you dress right it's
quite comfortable. I took my Antarctica clothes, but just wore my regular
hiking boots with foot warmers.
It's all about the layers: a Merino wool shirt followed by a inner and outer fleece,
an inner jacket followed by a down jacket.
Two hats, one baseball with a visor and another wool cap on top to keep my ears warm.
I wore three layers on the bottom, long underwear, fleece pants, and a third optional waterproof, windproof pair.  This outer pants have a zipper all the way down  the leg so they are very easy to add if the wind picks up or shed if the sun is out.
Of course there were hand warmers in my gloves and boots.  I wear painting gloves all time but topped them off with finger-less mittens.  I knew finger-less mittens had some sort of purpose and this was it!

Thanks for following along!

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