Friday, October 19, 2018

The Canadian Plein Air Adventure Continues:

We were always on the lookout for critters and good places to paint
without too much snow and ice.

Bears! OH MY!

Mama and three baby grizzlies. We chose to head in opposite directions.
Photo courtesy of Brian Smith.

Canada has lots of trails to hike and we could just pull into a parking lot and find great views just off the road.

Snuggled Against The Cold
12 x 12

This was a fun one to paint with the group of trees snuggled together still wrapped in their blanket of fall color to keep warm as long as possible.

And afterward we stumbled upon this striking view.

Room To View
9 x 12

Other critter sightings:

Rocky Mountain Sheep

and a very fluffy coyote!

I did see and elk but couldn't get a photo and I was really disappointed not to see a moose!
Some people saw lots of them.
Darn, guess I'll have to go back;)

Thanks for following along!

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