Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coconut Cocktails

Coconut Cocktails   4 x 6  watercolor

This was another watercolor experiment that I started
last week.  It got too dark to finish but when I
looked at it the next day I thought it had potential.
So I decided to I finish it off today
and keep it as loose as possible because that
was the quality I liked most about it.

What do you think, too much, not enough?


  1. I really like it. I'm quite envious of the looseness of it.


  2. I think it all "reads" very well. And I, like Vicki, really like the looseness and freshness of it.

  3. Thanks Shirley! I think I need some time after painting something to decide how I feel about it. I appreciate your feedback.

  4. These last two watercolors have a vitality to them that is not in your oils. Is it a mental difference or is it the media causing the difference? I personally love the solidity of your oils but wonder if your paint was a bit more soupy and you used watercolor brushes what would happen. Could be exciting!