Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Green Glass Rose

Green Glass Rose  6 x 6  oil on board

This is one of those paintings that evolved. Like most of us
when we take a step forward,
it's often about returning to basics.

I started out with this set up in my shadow box.
I was excited about the colors and thought I could make it work.
 I started my initial lay in:

Added more:
I felt like I was merrily painting away until it made
absolutely no sense at all!
 So I scraped it off and painted it again.  It was too dark to
take a photo of it and I was tired and decided to sleep on
it and hoped I liked the make over (not shown)
better in the morning.
I didn't.
So I decided to take the crazy striped fabric out because
I did like some things happening in the bottle
and the rose.  Sometimes that happens, I see something that I 
think would be exciting to paint and it may not always
turn out.
So two scrapings and a day and a half later :
lesson learned, less is more.


  1. That is so interesting. I have had that happen and of course thought I was unique in having that experience.
    You made it into a great painting but I see how the process was about "letting go"

    1. Letting go, that's a nice way of looking at it Jo. Often I have to say, "what does the painting want", verses what I want. Persistence has served me well over the long haul, but often I think- a smarter person might have quit sooner! Yet I keep plugging along:)

  2. Days like that are so frustrating aren't they?
    I love that you share your lessons - so refreshing! You have a wonderful blog here ans am very glad I stumbled across it :0)

    1. Welcome Sandra and thanks for commenting! Days like that are frustrating and tiring, but make the days of satisfaction (for the most part) so much sweeter! I think that's just part of the artistic rub, we're never completely satisfied, are we?

  3. Actually - do not get mad at me for this, but I liked the direction it was going in. I guess this is not the time to experiment when you are involved in the pressure of a Challenge but I would take what appeared to be happening naturally ( more like your watercolor technique) and go with it without playing safely going for normal.

  4. Hi Julie, not mad at all, I find your comments very helpful, encouraging and inspiring! After all I wouldn't have made it this far without developing a fairly thick skin. I don't disagree with you at all. I really liked the direction and thought it had some good painterly qualities. Yet in the end, I felt like it just missed the mark, the greens didn't jive, it had too many focals, and I just felt confused! Never fear, I have continued down this path again, already scraped the new one once and anxious to see what happens today. Please stay tuned. I'm also playing around with some soupy paint like you suggested. I'll keep you posted!

  5. I love to see progress of someone else's painting - it is amazing. This one is so nice, bright and full of cheerful color! The striped fabric would have driven me nuts...if one had a few days, maybe..but it works just fine without it!

  6. Hi Pattie, I guess it did drive me nuts enough to remove it!