Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Park

The Park  4x6 watercolor

This is the park I walk through with my buddy Robi
everyday.  It's one of the few places with trees
in Malta. It's also a place that's loaded with cats
and Robi finds that very exciting!
When the lights went out in Malta my set up in my
still life stage went dark, my monitor
was off too, so no more photo reference.
It was too late to pack up my stuff and go outside,
so I decided to pull out some photos and
my dusty watercolor set and play around.
I got cozy in the fading light by my studio window.
Then I had to start pulling out the candles.
I felt like a pilgrim.
It was quite pleasant with no distractions but the problem
is that you can't see any thing very well either.
I figured out early on that watercolor is very easy to over work.
Not easy for an oil painter who likes to pile on the paint to
cover whatever is underneath that I don't like. 
I think I peaked in my watercolor stage at about eleven, but
I can see how it would be easy to get hooked again.
This one of the park turned out OK.

In case you don't know who Robi is:

photo of me and Robi
we go to the same hair stylist!


  1. this is great! i really like your style and use of color!

  2. Love how loose you are...from a watercolorist who just had my first oil painting class Saturday...and I have been painting for 35 years....enjoy meeting everyone virtually on the 30 day challenge. Malta, my son in law went there and loved it. Are you living there?

    1. Hi Susan, We must be like mirror images! After about the same about of time I'm pulling out the watercolors! I really appreciate your comment, especially since you're an expert water colorist. I probably wouldn't have even posted it except for the challenge. I have no idea if it's OK or not. Maybe I should take a class in H20 color.....hummmmm

  3. It is a fresh, lively painting and shows the hand of a good painter, Bruce. I love the colors.

    1. Hi Julie, your comment brings much relief, I wasn't sure I would even post it! Thanks! Whew.

  4. Bruce it is good. Fresh, free and very very appealing. I live the energy you have incorporated into the painting. Just do it and enjoy. Your skill clearly comes through playfully

    1. Thanks Susan. I've been focusing on that in recent years, getting back to the pure joy of painting. That being said, getting positive feedback is like icing on the cake, and sure feels alot better than criticism. BTW- I forgot to answer you before- I do live in Malta!

  5. Hi Bruce, thanks for visiting my blog - NOW I see Robi - what a cool dog! Lots of curls there! Love your WC's - they show such sunlight and color!

  6. Thanks Pattie! Lots of curls, and a double coat too!