Thursday, January 3, 2013

Plane Green Tea

Plane Green Tea 6 x 6  oil on board

We've been on a green tea binge over the holidays. My
husband visited a tea shop in Hong Kong and 
spent a bunch of Hong Kong dollars
on this 'special' brew. 
It's supposed to be the answer to all that
ails you , short of making you immortal-
that's what 'they' said anyway...

This is an appropriate post for me since I'll be
'leaving on a jet plane'
very early in the morning for a visit stateside.

I haven't posted remotely before but I have
so many great trips planned this year I
hope I can figure it out!


  1. Love it when your colors "follow the wheel"
    orange into yellow into green. This glows and I love it. Happy Travels, be safe.

  2. LOVE your colors! This is a wonderful piece of art. Congrats!

  3. love the perspective and the flow of this one! Beautiful!

    1. Thank you Dottie, I have loved listening to you as co host on AHA. I m a fan of your work!

  4. Gorgeous painting - the colors 'sing' so harmoniously!

    1. Thanks Claire, I appreciate you visiting my blog. In Heathrow getting ready to board a real plane as I type!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog Claire. Getting ready to board a real plane as I type! having a little trouble typing on my IPad:))))